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Is it really worth it?

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Is it really worth it?

Hey guys, so I have the Chase Freedom and Reserve but was thinking about opening up the Freedom Unlimited when I go 5/24, however the Business Cash Ink has 2% on dining and gas, and I could always PC the Reserve to the Freedom Unlimited, of course without bonus. I also checked my credit score from EX and it finally went up from 720 to 734, I guess because of AAoA, its now 2 years, oldest is 5. Should I get another card or just do nothing and get the Cash Ink as it doesn't show up on personal? Is it worth the hard pull waiting for that long? Thanks!
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Re: Is it really worth it?

Reserve... I assume you mean the CSR and not the JPMR.


As for the business cards, you should recognize the difference in liability protections vs. personal cards. If the $450 af isn't worth it to you, you could PC to CSP or CFU, or you could close and roll your CL into your CF.


If you're sold on 2% dining and gas, get the Disco IT Chrome. There are dozens of other cards that offer 3-4% on dining or gas as well. Per my siggy, I get 4% on dining and 3.3% on gas, sans AF.

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