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Is it time to Garden?

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Is it time to Garden?

As of a year ago I barely had any credit. I had a Discover Card with a $1500 Limit and a Student Loan. Since then I have built my credit to the following


Student Loan: $2500 - Open since 2006 - Deferred due to the fact I am still in school

Discover Card: $3,000 Limit - Open since May 2008 - Use every couple months to keep it reporting, not my primary card

Credit Union Visa: $3,000 Limit - Open since June 2010 - Use every couple months to keep it reporting, not my primary card [Only reports to Experian]

Auto Loan: $20,000 - Open Since June 2010 - 5.99% - May be looking to refinance [Only reports to Experian]

American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card: No Pre-Set - Open since October 2010 - My primary card which I run everything through

Bank Americard Visa Signature: $10,000 Limit - Open since October 2010 - My secondary card (when AmEx is not accepted) - Since it's no pre-set technically, the CRA see this as a $4,000 limit since that's my high balance.


I have never carried a balance and PIF every month and have no negative information on my report.


Also, for Inquiries I have

Experian: 10 [6 of which were from 8/10 to 10/10 - Nothing since]

Equifax: 0

TU: 1


AAoA: 1 Year


Also, FWIW I an EX FAKO score (from American Express Credit Secure)

EX: 728 (FAKO)

EQ: 731 (FICO)

TU: 717 (FICO)


The only things I could see in my future are refinancing my auto loan, if I buy a motorcycle adding another installment loan, and I have considered the True Earnings Costco from American Express (if it would be worth it to add another line item/more available credit) but I have also heard it can look bad if you have to much available credit. Other than that I don't need any more credit cards and don't see a mortgage happening in CY2011. Also, at 5.99% is it worth keeping my current auto loan or should I consider refinancing (even if it's just to get to to report to all 3 agencies).


I am 23 years old with a full time job, still living at home, and basically just want to make sure I have a good foundation of credit, and want to make sure there is nothing else I need to do right now. Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated (and if this isn't the ideal forum please more it to the best place).


Also I just pulled my FICO scores today so if there is any other info worth noting then let me know.


Thank You.

What's In My Wallet:American Express Starwood Preferred Guest Business Card, American Express Costco True Earnings, Citi AA Visa, Barclays US Air, Citi Prestige
What's In My Sock Drawer: Chase Sapphire Preferred, Discover More, Bank of America Accelerated Rewards AmEx, SME FCU Visa
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