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Is it time to call

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Is it time to call

The one year mark has came and gone on my Barclays Rewards MC....still no CLI. I have maintained the card and always PIF. I have an absurd low limit which makes the utilization of the rewards program impossible without wreck my overall UTL. I am disgusted with their SP every month practices. I know they are looking and my scores have only went up as I have been gardening since I opened this card. I do not need the CLI for personal use, but would like to get it in order to close my CP1 accounts that have higher limits but will not increase. (I dont want to call the exc office) I would rather move on from CP1. 


So would you call in...or just SD the card and let it go?

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Re: Is it time to call

Never hurts to call. Smiley Happy Good luck!

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Re: Is it time to call

Check the sticky thread of backdoor numbers and call the number there.  With a year of solid history you should be able to find a sympathetic ear attached to a credit analyst.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Is it time to call

I have the Rewards MC from Barclays too.  My 12th statement will cut on Nov 10th...I'll be watching to see if I receive a CLI or not. I did not get one when my 6th statement cut earlier this year.  My limit is $1000, and I charge between 400 to 500 on it every month, and pay it in full before the statement cuts.  My scores have improved between 40 and 60 points since the time I've had the card.


May I ask what your limit is?  If you do decide to call them, please let us know how it turns out.



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Re: Is it time to call

I would try to see if they would raise it. Keep us posted!

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Re: Is it time to call

This is why I will never get a barclay's CC. I don't want to feel like Barclay's is watching my every move.  Barclay's is like that girl you ask out cause she's kind of hot and she won't stop buggin you.


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Re: Is it time to call

I hope they give me a raise on my card as well. 3rd statement right now and I've been spending about $50-$100 a month on it + PIF.


It would help to know if they give you an increase and how much Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Is it time to call

I've had a Barclay card for less then a week, and I already consider them my least favorite card. I'll even put Cap 1 before them. If you call them be assured it will be a HP. CS is not very knowledgeable, and generally rude.

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Re: Is it time to call

Wait I thought this was all about Barclay but then something about Cap1 and Exec Office.... Are you mad about Cap1 not increasing or mad about Barclay not increasing?

I dont see why the SP monthly are bad... most don't get crazy like we do and actually pull reports that would show SP's... and MANY banks SP very often... Amex has been known to SP 10+ a month some poeple... doesn't always mean ANYTHING!

People said they applied for 2-3 cards after opening Barclay and Barclay closed them.... I applied for... welll I applied for about 20 credit cards, got 10! and applied for and FINALLY Leased 1 car after about 40 INQ! Barclay did not care!


and what's the problem, call backdoor Barclay you can have a CLI in 15 minutes.... is it the HP you refuse to take? call and ask it to go to $5k or $10k, what do you want? don't call and ask for $1500 because you don't want to be declined... They will give it to you, counter or decline... the amount you ask for won't be the reason if you are declined!!!

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Re: Is it time to call

The very thought of taking a HP for a CLI after I know of their SP practices would send this card to the shredder. The constant SP practice is annoying to me as I only app'ed this card for the stab hitting primeville. My rebuilding process has been ridiculously slow. Most others on myfico are swinging for the fences and I feel like I am beating a dead horse.


The reason I am waiting/wanting a CLI is to be rid of CP1. I am trying to reduce my amount of credit cards and just have 2 high CL cards versus the current 4 low CL cards I have now. 


I have called several times, first when the acct was opened and at the six month mark and once more when the report mid month during a cycle. All were met with failure! RRRRR......


Your case of app spree'ing and Barclays not jumping all over it is not the norm. In most cases they would cancel the account, or future CLI's would be impossible . A possible CLD to boot.



I did not call yet. I am waiting until monday. So, we will see what happens. 

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