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Is it time yet?

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Re: Is it time yet?

nothingman02 wrote:


But if you do have a consistent 9% utilization, how can they close the card? I thought they would slash the CLI but I would still have the open card. If they close a card with a balance, its gonna mess my account up again. Dont they have to give me a chance to pay the card off and close it so that it atleast has a positive record?

Thanks for your informative post.

Credit card companies can close your card whenever they want for whatever reason they want.  Your account would still be a "positive record" as long as you continued to make payments and the ccc did not decide to CO the account.


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Re: Is it time yet?

Nothing special about prime banks as they are the ones who are screwing with our accounts. I have Amex, HSBC,BoA,Citi and I refuse to use those cards because I am afraid of putting notice on myself for a CLD.

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