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Is the SPG Luxury worth the wait?

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Re: Is the SPG Luxury worth the wait?

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I know this may not be the correct section to ask in--but since SPG cards and bonuses are the curret subject of this topic I'll ask anyway: Does the business version with the 100k pt $5k/3 mo. SUB and only $95 fee seem to better a better deal than this luxury card? I'm eyeballing this card (biz version) for about 2.5 mos down the road.


  • Luxury earns 3x for restaurants and flights, Biz earns 4x for restaurants, gas, wireless and shipping.
  • 35k night vs 50k night can be a huge difference if you use it right.
  • Biz comes with Silver Elite, $30k ($35k 2019 onward) spend for Gold Elite.  Luxury comes with Gold Elite, $75k spend for Platinum Elite.
  • Luxury has $300 in annual statement credits, $100 TSA PreCheck/Global Entry credit, and Priority Pass.  Biz has none.

Biz is a better earner for a lot of people, and some perks of the Luxury card will be redundant for those with other premium cards.  Otherwise, if you were going to stay in Marriott properties a few times in 2019 anyway, I think the higher AF of the Luxury is a moot point.

Note on the new levels.  None of them are worth much until you get to Platinum. So if you get Luxury and you spend 75k on the card you get some benefit.  I think you would have to stay quite a bit at Marriotts to care about getting Platinum Status.  

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