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Is there something i can do???

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Is there something i can do???

Let me try to summarize this for you guys so you can give me some feedback.  I've had great credit until this past year interest rates went up on most of cards up to 30% so i fell behind on some bills etc.. i have signed up for different programs with my cards so i can pay them back so while i am doing this cards had to be closed.  Some of those cards had past due amounts which i am almost back to being current.  I have some cards that i dont use, or i use and pay right off one of them being The children's place.  Today they wrote me a letter saying they are closing my card due to them reviewing my report and they listed some of the factors.  I dont want this card to close as its one of my oldest cards 10 years i have a goood history with them i think 2 lates which i was able to have them delete about 6 months ago, i owe $191 and i have a limit of $700 so do u think i can call them or is this one of the things that i cant change?  Thanks so much.

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Re: Is there something i can do???

Citibank is the underwriter.   Citibank Sears let us keep a card in worse situaltion, but lowered limit and raised rates.    There is some chance if you call.   Maybe ask for a smaller limit and pay off balance.     Calling can't make it worse.  

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