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Is this Delay Normal...

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Is this Delay Normal...

So I applied for a citi secured card back in Oct 2009.  They limit was 200.00

I applied online and was approved in about 3 days.

There was no hold on my funds.


So last Sunday I applied again for a citi secured card with a 500 limit.  This time the application has been processing for over a wk.

The funds were pulled and credit pull was done, too.  However they say its still processing


Is this long delay an indication of a decline considering when I applied in Oct 2009 it did not take this long to get approved...



Anyone have any experiences in 2010 where they had to wait a long time and were finally approved?




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Re: Is this Delay Normal...

Hey Andy,


I would say that the fact they pulled your funds is a positive sign.  At this point, especially since they have pulled your funds, I would make a phone call and see exactly where the application is.  They may need some more information from you, or there may be an issue with you having more than one secured card with them.


Good luck, and let us know what they say!

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Re: Is this Delay Normal...

I just had this happen to me but I was approved.


If you want to check your status with a live rep, call 800-745-1534 extension #1.


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