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Is this a PreApproval?

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Is this a PreApproval?

Is this a preapproval or just an offer to apply??


I shop at Kroger (grocery store) and they offer the 1-2-3 Rewards Mastercard.  They didnt always offer this card but its been several years.  Well, two times recently when I've checked out, on the bottom of my reciept it prints out and says:


Complete Items in Bold and take to customer service  to apply for the 1-2-3 Rewards master card





Div Code#


------------------Credit Card App--------




Primary Phone Number





You get the idea.  Anyway, I have never recieved a preapproval at a store of any kind so I wasnt sure what to look for.  Also, does anyone have this card? 

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Re: Is this a PreApproval?



This just looks like an offer to apply.  Nowhere does it say it's a pre-approval and I doubt they would have a pre-approved credit offer on the bottom of your receipt.  How would they even know it is you?  That is just my guess anyway.

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Re: Is this a PreApproval?

I would not waste an inq on this. It is not a preapproval.
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Re: Is this a PreApproval?

Most "pre-approvals" are only pre-approved to apply, which means nothing.  Occassionally you receive legitimate preapprovals.


If you are interested in finding preapprovals, go to CapOne, BofA and other sites which offer a "preapproval" application which does not do hard inquiries but runs soft promotional to see if they are interested in offering you something....and even then you must formally apply and may not be approved even then.

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