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Is your Amex activated? Are you sure? Are you really really sure?

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Re: Is your Amex activated? Are you sure? Are you really really sure?

Watchmann wrote:
I dn't get it. If everyone would quit trying to play games with AMEX the system would work fine. I've literally charged thousands of items on AMEX over the years, paid on line and, at AMEX offices around the world (before the internet), and have never had a problem. The AMEX card is there to help your life. Don't make it difficult on yourself. If you don't have a real need for AMEX just stay with other cards. AMEX is a grown up card.

At exactly which point did the OP try to play games with AmEx? He got a second card, registered it online, used it, paid it, used it, paid it, tried to use it, and they said it wasn't registered.

This was obviously a screw-up by AmEx.

I know that some people have brought trouble on themselves by getting frisky with AmEx too early in their cardholder career, but I don't blindly defend the company at all times. That's ridiculous to state that every problem is due to cardholder misbehavior.

Statements like these are violations of the forum request to please be friendly and supportive.

Edit to add: at any rate, the original message has gotten out there --thanks for the heads-up, jaysdad (OP)! We learn something new every day. Smiley Happy Since the thread's purpose has been accomplished, and it shows every sign of degenerating into personal attacks, it is now locked.

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