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It's just too easy!!

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Re: It's just too easy!!

Congrats! Can't wait til I have some prime cards in a few years.

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Re: It's just too easy!!

Congrats! I only have 25 more days till my 3x attempt.

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Re: It's just too easy!!

armbenderc wrote:

adavis425 wrote:

CLI for AMEX Delta Gold. I'm not sure how long I waited, I didn't keep track but I'm thinking something like 65-70 days. I logged in and requested a 3x increase and it was approved immediately. Smiley Very Happy All CLIs should be so easy. 


Request a Line of Credit Increase

Your request to increase your line of credit to $10,500 has been approved and will be available for use within 15 minutes.

Your New Line of Credit Information:
New Line of Credit:$10,500

May I ask what is your util and credit score when you did the 3x cli?


Thanks guys!!


Util is at 8%. Not sure of score. Last month's WM TU was 743.


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