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JC Penney Warning~Please read

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Re: JC Penney Warning~Please read

Interesting... I just checked online and my payment due date change from the 28th to the 21st.  Glad I didn't owe them anything.  Almost all of my credit cards are due on or after the 28th of each month.  I usually PIF way before the payment due date but it's nice to know approximately when my bill is due on any given creditor without needing to look it up.  I guess I should start checking all my accounts on a monthly basis.  Anyway, I called JCP CS and they stated they sent out something at the end of September.  I don't remember seeing anything but I don't always read all the enclosures that accompany my monthly statements.  Hmmm... I guess I should start huh?  I asked them to change it back to the 28th but the closest they could come to that date is the 27th.  gourmetguru, thanks for the head ups!!

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Re: JC Penney Warning~Please read

I just called them as well.  They moved my due date from the 18th to the 12th.  In the scheme of things, no big deal-I always pay them on time and I don't even owe them anything right now.  I've just had the card forever and I'm so used to the 18th.  Well, they told me that could do it on the 17th, not the 18th, which is fine.  I'll end up paying it earlier that that anyway when I have something due.  I wonder why not just go back to the 18th?  Trying to trap me, I guess!Smiley Tongue

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Re: JC Penney Warning~Please read

Has anyone made payments on time every month to Penneys, and yet they dont post within a few days?

My story: Made a payment for 67.00 on Jan. 15th , 49.00 Jan.19th,  and made yet another payment for 200.00 on Jan. 23rd (keep in mind, only due for a 30.00 payment)

I check my acct. today to see what the balance is now, and they have yet to post the current owed amount. My acct has a credit limit of 1,000 I have it paid down now to 600.oo (advice from score similator)

I write e-mail to them asking them to explain this to me. No explanation, just that my acct will post Feb 15th

What?!!!?   What is their deal??  They didnt mind posting my 19.80 finance charges for this month, yesterday!!!

The sooner this card is payed off----the better! Can someone explain this?  Thought I was helping my fico some, guess not-

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Re: JC Penney Warning~Please read

Also, adding to my post.....All of these payments have cleared my bank.....still confused as to their logic!
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