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JCPenney credit card app

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Re: JCPenney credit card app

Cheyenne2584 wrote:

Well, it was a "no go" on the JCPenney credit application.  I received my rejection letter yesterday in the mail.  The JCP Rewards that I am now a part of is something that anybody can be a part of; you basically sync up your debit or other credit card to JCPenney and they keep track of what you spend and issue rewards for every X amount of dollars spent.  According to GECRB, my credit score was only 442!!!!!!!  However, the score that I pulled directly from TransUnion was 611!  Not sure what's going on...

Well sorry to hear about that. But dont let this get you down...its all part of a long journey of either building credit or rebounding from bad credit. I have had a good share of those letters in the mail. Their score is an internal scoring that i know GE uses (I had s similiar score back when i applied for a Sams Club credit card).

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