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Jewelry card blacklist?

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Jewelry card blacklist?

I was wondering if the Sterling jewelry group (Weisfield/Kay/another one I forget) blacklists people that were COed? 4-5 years ago?

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Re: Jewelry card blacklist?

         Sterling has a long memory..I applied for a Kays card in Feb 08 and was declined. I aclled called for a recon

         and was told I charged off a account in 1988.Fotunately I was still a teenager and had no knowledge of account

         I think it was a family member but provided ID in store and was aapproved for 3,000 cl. .Asked for a CLI six months

         later and they still refrence that account with me.Got it straight and they increase my limit to 4,800 and sent me

         a second card with new account number with 4,800 CL. Now i have two cards 1 with 4800 CL and 1 just increased

         to 7600 CL.

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Re: Jewelry card blacklist?

MY husband had a card in the 90's that was charge off and he  applied last year forgetting that he had a account with them back then. He was denied  . So they have a long memory.

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