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JoS A Bank store card...permissible pull?

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JoS A Bank store card...permissible pull?

I bought a suit this morning from JoS A. Bank , and while I was being rung up the man at the cash register (an older gentlemen who was very nice, but noticeable inept with computers) took down my information (name, address, etc.). 


I didn't think much of it. He NEVER mentioned a store card while taking my information. I just thought it was store policy to take down billing info for the large purchases that they regularly run (this was a tiny purchase in terms of suits, though).


Then, when he handed me the receipt to sign, he said my total would be $XXX.XX after my 20% discount due to my store card. At this point, I was very clear to him that I did NOT wish to apply for credit, and that I never gave him permission to pull my credit history or to apply for anything. He never even mentioned it! He assured me that it wasn't an application for credit, but I just don't think he knew what he was talking about...




I've already pulled my credit on all three bureaus within the past year from Is there any (free) way for me to see if he hard pulled me without my permission? If he did, what would be the best way to go about getting such an inquiry removed? I'm very stingy when it comes to applying for credit, and I'm going to be fairly unhappy if he dinged my scores with something that I didn't want.


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Re: JoS A Bank store card...permissible pull?

I went to this company's website, and I don't see that they even offer a credit card. Is it possible that they have a discount card for frequent shoppers? I know several retailers who offer this without it being an actual credit account.


Second, did he get your SS# along with your other info? If not, I'm guessing he couldn't have pulled your CR anyway.

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Re: JoS A Bank store card...permissible pull?

Here's what I found on their site:


"How would you like to save 20% off regular priced Jos. A. Bank clothing, EVERYDAY?

The Best Looking Employee Benefit You’ve Ever Offered!

The Jos. A. Bank Corporate Card Program is a NO-COST employee benefit that companies can provide to all of their associates. As a member, you are always guaranteed the best price we have."  (removed the rest because it wasn't necessary information)


^^ That specifically says Employee, I know, but they could very well offer something similar to shoppers. I'm still looking over the site...


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