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Juniper CLI?

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Juniper CLI?

I opened up my juniper account last year on April 1st of 2008 and my TransUnion score was 620. My score is now 655 and  I have not received any CLI increase from them. If I call them would they pull my report to qualify me for an increase? I barely use this card and I occasionally use it to fill out my tank every two months and then I pay in full. My original CL was 500.
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Re: Juniper CLI?

Juniper has tightened up quite a bit since last year.  I just got an increase from 500 to 1500 but that's when my TU peaked at 764.  When I got the card I think I had 580-615.  They will have to do a hard pull.  If you don't qualify automatically the analyst will actually look at your report.  Do you have any baddies?


I suggest using the backdoor # posted on this site. 

Where I was 8/22/08 TU 581 EQ 554 EX 615
Where I am 7/30/09 EX 737 (FAKO) EQ 689 TU 745
Can't wait to see what my scores will be when all my accounts hit the 1 year mark!
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