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Juniper MC "preapproval" offer HELP!

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Juniper MC "preapproval" offer HELP!

Hi guys,
I just got an invitation, an "exclusive offer for diva0969" to apply for the Juniper mastercard.  APR is 7.9% and everything else looks and sounds good.  The thing is, they denied my US Airways application last week.  I wasn't quite sure why; my TU is 588 (low I know), but I'd seen folks on here get approved for Juniper products with scores close to mine.
Should I apply?  I really want to but I'm afraid they'll just deny me again.  Are they messing with me or do I have a chance? Smiley Indifferent
Starting Scores: 12/14/14 FICO EQ: 579 EXP: 586 TU: 591
Current Scores: 12/29/15 FICO EQ: 643 EXP: 667 TU: 670
Goal: 750

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Re: Juniper MC "preapproval" offer HELP!

I would recon the first app before applying for the pre approved offer.  They already have your CR for that one.  It'll save you an inquiry.   If you are approved then you can still try the pre-app offer.  Juniper is pretty cool about recons, about the same as Chase in my experience, just don't take a cash advance on the card, they will CLD you for it.
07/26/2007 TU-688
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