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Juniper Sea Miles

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Re: Juniper Sea Miles

are they bk 13 friendly? scores?
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Re: Juniper Sea Miles

FretlessMayhem wrote:
They lowered my APR several times over the 4 or so month course of me having their card, but I believe it to be related to my substantial increase in my TU score.

I did noticed that they softed me once a month, every month.

Prime rate went down. Or maybe you are that special? Smiley Happy
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Re: Juniper Sea Miles

llecs wrote:

smallfry wrote:
.......but it is one card I could have lived w/o in hindsight.

DITTO. MV might disagree.

Self - gas back card at $7.5K
DW - Barnes and Noble card at $15K.
What is there to compain about?   Smiley Very Happy  (other than DW's CL being twice mine!!) That is $22.5K to keep util down.
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