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Just Approved!!! NFCU cashRewards $20,000 ---

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Just Approved!!! NFCU cashRewards $20,000 ---

Smiley Happy


Just joined Navy through my brother, then decided to app for the new NFCU cashRewards, after transferring my Chase/Wamu and Walmart/Discover received 20 second approval of $20,000. 


Have/had high uti 55%, thanks to Walmart/Discover CLD monthly escapades.


I now belong to the "big girls card club". 


I thought for sure they were going to match my 7k Penfed. 


Anyway, I am so very happy.

10/01/2017 myFico EQ-778 TU-793 EX-781
11/01/2017 myFico EX-799, Barclays 11-4 Reported: EQ-796 TU-826 EX-799
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Re: Just Approved!!! NFCU cashRewards $20,000 ---

Congratulations! I just joined NFCU but am too chicken to apply for anything yet. Bok bok Smiley Tongue
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Re: Just Approved!!! NFCU cashRewards $20,000 ---

Chris_1970 wrote:
Bok bok Smiley Tongue


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