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Just Dont Understand

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Just Dont Understand

I have 4 credit cards.


Discover IT- 1200 (brand new, activated today)

Discover More- 750

Best Buy-3000 parent joint applicant

Capital One for Newcomers- 500


I pulled my transunion report the other day and found out my best buy card isnt reporting to them. sucks


i pulled my equifax report tonight and find out that only my best buy card is reporting to equifax. 


i havent pulled my experian report yet.


my question to you guys is... how do i fix this? i want all my credit cards to report on all my agencies reports. like it should be, i know the system isnt perfect but **bleep**.

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Re: Just Dont Understand

How much time has passed after each card has been activated?

Discover can sometimes be very strange with reporting, especially with new lines (their first reporting might be months after the activation).


What is your situation with mailing address? Have you changed it recently? Just by any chance, have you undergone a legal name change recently (marriage etc)?

Do you have the same mailing address with your parent who is your cosigner on BB card. (and is it really a cosigner, or you are an authorized used on your parent's card?)

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Re: Just Dont Understand

All companies report differently

Discover is one of them. I paid off my card in October and it didnt report as $0 till December which on that period I got a CLI with them which made me even more mad

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Re: Just Dont Understand

I feel like its very odd. I think theres something on equifaxs end because only my bb card is showing up on them. im gonna call them tomorrow and see if there is anything i can find out. only experian has all my cards on there, except for the new new one, discover it.

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Re: Just Dont Understand

Reporting can be weird especially with new accounts. My Discover didn't report until the third statement... How old are all of the accounts?

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Re: Just Dont Understand

I was approved for Discover It around Thanksgiving and it just started reporting Tuesday so about 6 weeks

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Re: Just Dont Understand


you have mad several threads about your "joint" best buy card not reporting. 



does it report on your parents reports? (the one that jointly opened it with you) 


i see you pulled your reports and it reports for you only on one? 


did you contact the cap one exec office? 

the other two agencies that it's not reporting on? 



on the other cards how long have you had them? 

you should usually wait one to two statement cycles before worrying about it not reporting. 


is it possible that you and your dad have the same name? and maybe they reported it wrong that way. or possibly you have a split file somewhere. 

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Re: Just Dont Understand

You should try calling each card's CS and verify through them if they are reporting to the 3 credit agencies, maybe they are missing info from you that prevents them from reporting. Like they mentioned some companies taking longer to report than others. When i first got my Discover card it took nearly 3 months for it to start reporting to the agencies.
Cant hurt to call and see what they need.
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Re: Just Dont Understand

Discover took two months to report for me... So did Amex
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