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Just cuious CRA question

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Just cuious CRA question

I have noticed when it comes to the 3 CRA:s EQ And EX are the two the vast majority of  lenders seem to pull from.I have noticed also on my personal CR"S that most of the pulls are the same as I mentioned also most of the Pre-approvals are from EQ and EX as well. Has anyone else ever noticed or wondered why this is . Does anyone care to share with me if they have any comments. Thanks
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Re: Just cuious CRA question

TU has been traditionally a Midwest CRA, plus they have had problems with, shall we say, the stability of their reports. Hard inqs have been known to vanish much earlier than they should have. *And please, people, let's not get going on this, or inevitably, it will violate our TOS, and the thread will get flushed!*

EQ is pretty popular in the South, being headquartered in Hotlanta. However, EQ also does sometimes seem to lose its inqs, and it is especially plagued by split files, where there is too much data on one consumer to hold together, and the file "splits" --part goes one way, and part goes the other. When your EQ score starts going up and down and up and down by the same figure (43 points or whatever), it's time to think split file.

So anyway, between geographical preferences and product quality, TU does get lost in the dust.

If I were a lender, I would go with EX every time. Doesn't split, inqs don't vanish, pretty dang stable over time.

edit: meant to add, ByrdMan, who lives in Wisconsin, is cursed with having TU pulled preferentially almost all the time. Whereas in East Tennessee, it's all I can do to find someone, anyone, who wants to look at my TU report and score.

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Re: Just cuious CRA question

I thank you "Kindly Mam"  I live in Atlanta yeah EQ they luv Insert Smileys me 5 INQ"s in last 1.2yrs I like the way you summed that up well done HTSU.
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Re: Just cuious CRA question

I would only pull EX myself if I were a lender for the aforementioned reasons. Only TU pullers for me were Juni and Wamu. EQ just the CU's, with the exception of Patelco, and the GEMB family also pulled EQ. All the primes pull EX around here.

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