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Just got Amexed, CL cut from $16k to $3.4k

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Just got Amexed, CL cut from $16k to $3.4k

Yesterday I paid my 2 cards in FULL.

today they cut my total CL down from $16k to $3.4k, because I opened 2 new accounts with Citi & Discover, and had higher util. than normal in February. They took a month's worth of data and erased 2 whole years of work building credit with them.

I have paid in FULL every single month since I had these cards. Member since 2007.

IF anyone from Amex is reading this: Way to treat the type of customer who's keeping your company on its feet right now. You're getting free money from the government (MY MONEY) and still screwing your good customers over for what? Being good customers, charging a lot on your cards so you collect tons of transaction fees and then paying in full? Trust me, I'll be raising hell even if there's no point to it.

I'm trying to start my own business in the midst of a recession (doing very well too)... my Amex cards are my 2 most important cards. I'm trying to do my part in SAVING the economy by starting a business and possibly creating jobs. Good call on screwing me over, Amex.

end rant... if anyone has any advice on getting my CLs restored, at least partially, please share it
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Re: Just got Amexed, CL cut from $16k to $3.4k

Could not have said it better myself.

 I don't trust the amex credit cards anymore and about 50-75% trust my amex charge card.

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Re: Just got Amexed, CL cut from $16k to $3.4k

Sorry to hear it, OP.


Sheesh - maybe we should start calling 'em AmAxe!!!  Smiley Surprised

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Re: Just got Amexed, CL cut from $16k to $3.4k

OP. Sorry to hear what happend to you.
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Re: Just got Amexed, CL cut from $16k to $3.4k

Spoke to an account supervisor. She will put in the request to increase my CLs back to where they were. Not 100% sure they will be restored. I will get an answer in 7-10 days and will let you know what happens. Either way, I have lost faith in Amex and will not be using their cards unless I have to.
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Re: Just got Amexed, CL cut from $16k to $3.4k

You can join my club now, the F*amex club - and I am sorry to say there is a snowball's chance that you'll get them to recon that decrease.  You have joined the masses of good paying customers who they have spit on, and I have been reporting them to anyone who will listen since early 2008. 


Don't be too surprised if they take even more of your line away.  Sorry this happened to you. 


To any of you out there who are still singing the praises of this company, make sure to DUCK! often as this is proof that it's not just those of us who carry a balance who are getting hit.


We gave up the fight and filed BK in 2010. Smiley Sad
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Re: Just got Amexed, CL cut from $16k to $3.4k

did the accounts you opened make up for the lines you lost?
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Re: Just got Amexed, CL cut from $16k to $3.4k

I just noticed in my account management page that the Platnium card pre-approval banner has been replcaed with a Gold Rewards card banner. Maybe I'm next in line to have my $15.5k Blue Cash line that I never revolve AmAxed!
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Re: Just got Amexed, CL cut from $16k to $3.4k

 sorry to hear that...that happened to my brother with them. He actually has good credit and pays them on time every month. but the month he Paid off his balance completely they did not just slash his CL but they closed his card....Try to figure that one out.... I told him to call them but he didnt even bother. He was so pissed he said he will no longer do business with them. and i will not do business with them either (well once my credit allows me to say screw you) lol
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Re: Just got Amexed, CL cut from $16k to $3.4k

My limits have been restored.


3/12 - PIF $13k between 2 cards

3/13 @ 1:30 AM - I notice my limits have been cut from 10k > 2.4k and 6k > 1k. I call immediately and demand an explanation. It's almost 2 AM and I'm just going ballistic but stopped short of a profanity-laced rant. My call was definitely recorded. The call rep (Filipino accent) has me fax them a copy of my Experian report and that's all she can do for now because it's 2 AM. I'm surprised she kept calm... she probably goes through this 100 times a day.

3/13 @ 10:30 AM - I call again. This time I am more composed but still fired up and go off at the rep after she gives me the "you can request a CLI 6 months from now" bullsh*t. She transfers me to a supervisor, probably the most polite supervisor I've ever spoken to, so polite it was contagious and I became a saint while speaking to her. She agrees to put in the request to have my credit lines restored and I should have an answer within 7-10 days. I tell her if my credit lines get restored I will write a letter of commendation to all Amex executives and she will hopefully get a pat on the back.

3/16 @ 12:00 PM - Credit lines have not been changed. I'm starting to get pissed and want to call again but convince myself to wait the 7-10 days.

3/16 @ 7:00 PM - Credit lines have been restored back to original amounts.
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