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Just got Barclays.. need to go car shopping

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Re: Just got Barclays.. need to go car shopping

iCoop wrote:

justcallmetj wrote:



I just received 2 Barclays cards this past weekend, and I've been reading a lot about how Barclays hate's new inquiries after extending a LOC. The thing is, I plan on going car shopping next month/possibly december and I will be app'ing for the best interest rates. I know numerous auto loan app's count as 1 hard inquiry if done within a week or so..


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I guess my main question is why did you just apply for two credit cards if you're looking for the best interest rate on an auto loan... You should always hold off on app'ing if you're about to apply for a large loan such as that for an auto loan or mortgage. Save the credit card inquiries for after you have secured the main loan.



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