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Just got approved for credit card?? What's your score?

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Re: Just got approved for credit card?? What's your score?

@haulingthescoreup wrote:
Great CLI! I think you'll see that future ones come pretty quickly.

How long is your US credit history now? I'm guessing that once you pass 2 years, or maybe 3, they'll love you to death.
Thank you, Hauling! So glad I called, as I had been a bit grumpy about that card after giving in to the temptation to app, only to get a $1500 CL (although I shouldn't have been surprised, as that was exactly what the latest round of offers on the pre-app page said) - now I have one that I'm happy with so I can just let it sit and increase whenever BofA is ready. Don't want to push my luck by asking them even after 3/6/whatever months - although granted, a few months from now I might need to be reminded I said that! Smiley Very Happy  
I have no idea what, if anything, is BofA's preferred card usage pattern most likely to trigger an automatic CLI. All I know is that my husband got a 100%+ auto CLI after the card had been virtually maxed out for ages and we PIF'd, and another auto-CLI of more than 50% after the card had been languishing in the sockdrawer with a $0 balance for months on end - the CLI came as soon as he charged a few dollars to it, along with a flurry of tempting BT offers. I don't think 'keeping it maxed out for months and then PIF-ing' or 'banishing the card to the sock drawer with a zero balance then using it for Scorewatch six months later' are generally CLI-attracting methods to be recommended, even if they did (inadvertently) work for the Husband, so I'll have to figure out a better tactic! Smiley Very Happy
 As for my US credit history, it has now reached the grand old age of one year and eight months! AAoAs has dipped to a pitiful not-quite-twelve months, though - it'll be up to a year again in January. I'm wondering what will happen score-wise when the end of April rolls around, and with it, my credit file's second birthday - am I right in thinking that two years (total, or AAoAs?!) is likely to be marked by some rebucketing? I'm scared of rebucketing! Smiley Surprised
Anyway, unless AmEx freaks out on me and does Bad Things because I've dared to get a new account, I now have all the cards I could possibly want for the foreseeable future, and so I need to resist the urge to go prodding and tweaking at them and trying to get CLIs just for something to do, etc etc (as of today my utilization is 0.6%, so it's not as though I even have that excuse!) - time to sit back and let them age!
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EQ: 723 / TU: 760 (August 2009)
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Re: Just got approved for credit card?? What's your score?

applied for shell gas card with an equifax credit score of 630 and i got $750 with about 20 inquires
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Re: Just got approved for credit card?? What's your score?

Approved online for Macy's store card


Trans 710

Equifax 682

Experian 667 

 Have 6 yr old judgement $3187 and a $12 Ann Taylor Store card charge off from 3 years ago. 

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Re: Just got approved for credit card?? What's your score?

Applied for home depot in store today, and got approved for $8K-not sure what the pulled.  I am officially done app'ing for a good long while!  Got all the cards I wanted this year.

@FutureMrsL wrote:

I went ahead and applied for my credit union (Addison Avenue) rewards platinum card.  Pulled Experian, at last check was around 711 but that was a month ago.  EQ has gone up considerably since then, so maybe EX has too.


Requested 15K and got it with the lowest rate offered at 5.99% and 3.99% BT for a year!! With this one and Nordstrom Visa sig, I am good for a while after I apply for home depot tomorrow to take advantage of the 6 months no interest for some small bathroom upgrades.  I am going to hold off on the big banks cards for a while- they make me nervous Smiley Happy  I couldn't have done it without this site!!! 




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Re: Just got approved for credit card?? What's your score?

I read that you ONLY need a 635 Fico to get Amex Green. They almost always pull Experian, hard, and other one or two soft.DO NOT HAVE ANY NEGATIVES or you will almost always be DENIED. Amex doesn't play. I've also heard that if you ever go belly up on them and include them in a bk, or force them to co you, they have a blacklist that goes back 30 years, and you will never be approved again!? Anyone have any feedback on this blacklist or others out there?

I recently got approved (Dec 2008) for a Discover More(1120k) and Barclays Bank Delaware Virgin America Airlines Visa (3000K) with a 690'sish TU pull. They only pulled TU. Happy applying out there, and a Happy and prosperous New Year to you all! 

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Re: Just got approved for credit card?? What's your score?

Re: Amex

I had the Green card in 87, defaulted in 89. I was unable to get approved for another card from AMEX until Jan 2008 (which was the Blue) And to my surprise, they retrograded my credit history back to the date I first became a member which was 87. So my credit history will be 22 years old come Jan 2009

So to answer your question, you are blacklisted and you can't get another AMEX card for at least 20 years, but they still have your old file. When I sign on, it says

member since 1987.

All three agencies show

Account Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Status: Open/Never late. Date Opened: 01/1987
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Re: Just got approved for credit card?? What's your score?

AS Much as i HATE Boa, I got a CLI from them today. They normally were the ones who raised it , not after my CLI button push, the first time i've pushed it was today.... I got a $2100 increase going to 12,200.  that should help my util.
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Re: Just got approved for credit card?? What's your score?

Wow, they do penalize you for 20 years? But at least they gave you the history with them. I went belly up on an Amex green card (UK issued) don't know if this matters, wasn't an American account, in 1986, for about 20K. Amex has a longer memory than most ccc's.
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