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Just got approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Just got approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I just got approved for a delta amex!!!!!!!! BUT - CL is $1,000.00. how do I ask for CL increase?

Congrats over!!! I hit the CLI (luv button) when I received and activated my card. I didn't convert to another card, nor did I apply for multiple cards with them. I've had the card since early June, I've hit the card pretty hard (vacation), but paid to 2% utl right away. No FR (financial review) yet. Knock on wood. btw they gave me 2K on approval and a 1k increase. Not much, but I not going to complain. With a good history, I'm sure they'll show me the luv down the line.
Again, congrats!!!

Gosh darnit now I gotta hit the button...........Smiley Very Happy

Hah! I got greedy and requested for a 3k increase on my card... got approved. No more though. The next time I get a cli from amex, it will be automatic. I ain't pushing anymore buttons. If I'm not too careful, it could be the big red button!!!!

I caved in and pushed the button, only asked for increase to 1,500 though and got
the 7 - 10 response...Smiley Sad
shoulda left it alone....
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Re: Just got approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what is the 7-10 response mean?
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Re: Just got approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

overwhelmed wrote:
what is the 7-10 response mean?

Will notify you in 7 - 10 days....
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