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Just got off the phone with Chase recon..need HELP

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Just got off the phone with Chase recon..need HELP

So I applied for United explorer card last night and got the dreaded message saying will hear from us in writing within 30 days.


I called the recon line talked a nice gentleman , he said he will take a look and came back after a min saying it was denied due to past relationship with chase and says I had a slate card and United Plus card which were past due....I said I never had those cards before I swear and he started to look at my credit history and points out one of the cards showing was from 2003(it was First USA bank which chase took over ), I said I am sorry yes I had a card from them , but I was in college at the time and I did run into credit problems and I was irresponcible, then he went on to ask if it was paid, I said yes I have paid it over the years through collections.


Then he said ok i will need some information from you and I can reconsider it, asks me what limit do I need on the card , I said atleast 5k and up ,then takes my info puts me on hold for about 5 min, and comes back and says

"I have recommended this card for approval for 10K" you should hear back from us in 2 weeks.


Anybody had this situation, if so what were the results, Its driving me crazy please let me know my chances



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Re: Just got off the phone with Chase recon..need HELP

its approved as long as you told the truth. Knowing chase as well as I do, what will happen next is the verification department will check your credit and find out if the collection was paid and then fell off your report. If thats true. They will then call you, ask security questions and if your the one that opened the card. Then they will say we will approve you for xyz limit. and hope you love your new card.


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Re: Just got off the phone with Chase recon..need HELP




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