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Just one visa/MC. pros please andvice?

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Re: Just one visa/MC. pros please andvice?

luckelle wrote:

yea i feel im sub-prime just thought id try. 2 collections over 5.5 yrrs old and school loan. to be honest im wanting to get another 100CL to move my score CL value into the 15 to 20k bracket which seems to bump my score in the fico simulators and on usaa simulator. I could app for another store card but, another visa/ mc would be better all around. Im sure you all understand. As far as amex and sappire, there is no way im apping for them right know. oh, 14 paid as agreed accts and car/ motorcycle loans paying as agreed

The FAKO simulators and "advice" aren't very accurate. In addition, even if it were true, you could *lose* FICO points by adding a new account and dropping your AAOA.


I agree with those who said your FICO is too low for the prime cards. Have you tried to PFD or GW the CAs? That's where I'd start. Then I'd call some local CUs and explain your situation and see if someone is willing to work with you. Often they are more lenient and work with customers since they're  member-owned.


You may need to wait a year or so to app for an unsecured card; though with the CAs on your CR, your choices are going to be limited and any CLs are going to be low.


ETA: I made the assumption that you already have a secured card. If not, then definitely start there, with your local CU or a Cap One. But if you go Cap One, be sure you're apping for their sub-prime and you're better off if you respond to an offer from them. All Cap Ones are not created equal, and their approvals vary greatly, depending on the card and terms you apply for.



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Re: Just one visa/MC. pros please andvice?

becareful what you ask for you may just get it. If you app for a prime card and those CL's showing  you may get a low limit card that may grow very slowly or not at all. If you managed to get an AMEX Zync it would most likely be a 200/500 hard limit card that may not graduate for months. if not years. If you got a chase card they may give yuu a $500 limit that will only grow with HP's each time and they won't like increasing your limit because they will allready be your highest limit score and you had boarderline scores to start with. 


Take your time, if you need a second MC card apply for first preemie, or capone yes they both will come with an AF and/or multiple credit pulls.   


The better course would be garden what you have request CLI's eery 4 months on your GE cards. Perhaps your cap1 will get an auto-cli at 6 months if its part of the step program. Keep UTL low, learn when your statements cut and pay in full before they cut. Yes its a pain but it could help your scrore. 


If you wait till your lowest CL is over $1000  you may get better results, Time and on time payments cure most credit problems. If your file is full of low limit cards you willl have to work 5 times as hard to get a Signature card even once your score hits 700. 



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