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Just received my AMEX TE Card

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Just received my AMEX TE Card

Well!!! After reading so many posts on how hard it is to get this card, I finally received it yesterday.  I apped for this last Friday inside of Costco, and was prepared for the big "sorry, your application was denied".  First, we was just gold members.  As we apped for the card, the rep recommended that we upgrade to the executive level.  Ok, we did, put the app in, and was approved for $1200.  I am not fretting about the limit.  In 62 days, I will ask for the 3X cli.  The card look very nice, although the wife don't think so.


Oh yea, I just celebrated my one year anniversary on MYFICO...Sept 24th!!!!

5/30/15 EQ 596; TU 605; EX 580.
12/18/17 EQ 646; TU 660; EX 674
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Re: Just received my AMEX TE Card

Way to go Smiley Happy

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Re: Just received my AMEX TE Card

Congrats!  I received mine last week and was overjoyed.  I didn't get a high CLI either but I'll take it. Enjoy your new card at Costco! 

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