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Kay Jeweler's CLI

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Kay Jeweler's CLI

I was wondering when Kay raised CL from when an account has been opened.  I opened my account in November, 09 and bought a watch, been paying the minimum and it's almost paid off now.  I was wondering when/if I could expect a CLI at 10 mos which is the amount of time they require before you can request a CLI.


When I called to ask, she said that I would have to go to a store to request the CLI, but I thought I heard others post that they received a CLI from Kay after 9-10 mos with out hard pull?

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Re: Kay Jeweler's CLI

I have had my kays card since nov 08 haven't received a increase. Kay did soft me on my equifax last nov. Im not complaining my credit limit is 7500. Never going charge that much and haven't charge anything the last 5 months on it. But probably charge something on it in nov so they wont close it.

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Re: Kay Jeweler's CLI

 just got a credit limit increase tonight. I went to the store to buy my 2 month old daughter a pair of emerald(birth stone) earrings and me a nice watch. I asked for the salesman to call in for a credit increase knowing i got one in oct '09 from 1000 to 2100 limit, not thinking i would get one. They got me on the phone and stated that since the new laws are in effect they had to pull my Eq report. I was hesitant and then said yes anyways. She put me on hold and came back and said she would take me up 900 to 3000. I asked if she could go any higher and she said yes to 3300. Sucks for the hard pull but good for the 1200 increase.Smiley Indifferent.. if you want to take a hit go to the store and ask for an increase. The lady on the phone told me you could request on every 6 months.

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Re: Kay Jeweler's CLI

Oh no! So this means they don't do auto cli's after 12 months? That anniversary is next month!!

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Re: Kay Jeweler's CLI

After reading this forum, i applied and just got approved online for a 2,000 CL.  BK 7 was discharged April 2010.  Scores are TU - 606, EQ - 616.  Thanks!

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