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Kay Jeweler's approved

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Kay Jeweler's approved

I applied for a Kay card last night and was instantly approved for $2600 CL, my highest limit so far.  I'm in CA and they pulled EQ.


I haven't apped for anything since August.  I have new credit, my oldest being a Cap One secured card opened this January.  I swore I would not apply for anything for a year and recently posted in the Oct. garden thread,  but a few inquiries just dropped and I hate my low limits.  


I researched some threads here and noticed Kay gives nice starting limits.  I'm not a big jewelry person, but this will be a nice rebuilder card.  This will definitely help utilization! 


Hopefully this will we my last post on an approval for awhile.  These are all fairly new accounts, so I'm not worried too much about the AoAA.




Starting Score: EX 662 (CU pull) TU 643 EQ 632 as of 3/12)
Current Score: EX 701 (lender) TU 702 (Walmart) EQ 676
Goal Score: SEVEN HUNDRED ^ across the board

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