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Kay Jewlers

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Re: Kay Jewlers

Hi, To be honest I dont remember how much points i received on credit score when i got the kays card. Sorry.

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Re: Kay Jewlers

back to your original question, no, i don't think other creditors will now be more generous because of your success with kays.  it's just a store card.  maybe other store cards will give you an increase, but i can't say for sure.  good luck!

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Re: Kay Jewlers

How long have you had your Macy's card? I imagine with the Macy's card your performance with them will speak louder than your credit limit with other stores. Meaning that if you purchase stuff from Macy's and consistently make on time payments then in time you'll see a credit line increase.. That's what happened to me with Bloomingdale's. I started out with a credit limit of only $100.. A couple months later I asked for an increase and the representative told me they could only bump me up to $200 so I took it and thanked them. Without even asking for one they recently gave me a $1300 increase. I was SHOCKED. I opened the account back in September 2009. My Macy's card is the same age and has a credit line of $300. I want to pay off the balance quickly and wait to see what kind of luv they give me.

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Re: Kay Jewlers

What scores are Kay Jewlers looking for????

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Re: Kay Jewlers

eparker, I actually just called them and they told me they "look at your overall credit picture" when I asked the woman what scores they were looking for... my current Equifax score is 602 and I was debating on applying since I saw people with lower scores being approved, but I think I am going to wait a few months.

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Re: Kay Jewlers

Hello there,

I have been reading the forums like you and today I deceided to apply online. I was approved for a 2000.00 credit card. It was very easy and they said the credit card will arrive in 7 to 10 days.


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