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Kay jewelers apply online or in store?


Re: Kay jewelers apply online or in store?

rootpooty wrote:

how does the tradeline report?  say your given a 5k store limit but only charge 1500.  does the limit report or just what you charged?

Limit, current balance & hi balance all report

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Re: Kay jewelers apply online or in store?

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Re: Kay jewelers apply online or in store?

I'm just bitter i guess because kay seems trigger happy with closures. I have had 3 kay accounts in 4 years, as soon as my 12 month promo ends and it's paid off they close it. Twice in a row now and this third one just ended this month. I'll let you know next month if it's still open.

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Re: Kay jewelers apply online or in store?

@wHiTeSoL:  This is not standard for accounts to be closed after your promotional period is over.  Something is wrong.  I would go into a store, and have a sales associate call credit to find out why this is happening.  Good luck Smiley Wink

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