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Keeping track of hard inquiries

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Keeping track of hard inquiries

We all know that keeping track of inquiries is vital when apping for new credit cards. I thought I was doing just that.


We're signed up for the TU Quarterly monitoring. Our TU report through myFICO said that there were zero inquiries affecting our FICO score.


Today we got a TU CR directly from TU, which I know will be more complete. We had given them some updated employment data, disputed a couple of addresses that weren't ours, etc. I'm assuming that's why we got the CR from them.


On this CR there are 3 hard inquiries listed, but they are dated from 10/07 to 7/08. Just trying to understand...did our CR from TU that we pulled from myFICO say that there were no inquiries affecting our FICO score because all of these were over a year old?

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Re: Keeping track of hard inquiries

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Re: Keeping track of hard inquiries

Yes, that's exactly it.

Hard inquiries display for two years, but they only affect your FICO scores for one year. That's why the myFICO reports don't display them after a year.

I suppose there might be lenders who would get sniffy about inqs that were over one year old, but I wouldn't think it would happen often. An exception might be that if someone had been going berserk with inqs from month 14 to month 18 or something, a lender might ask what was up during that time period.
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Re: Keeping track of hard inquiries

Thanks for the input. I thought that was what was happening.


My first impression, of course, was a frustrated, "Now why didn't the report from myFICO have those???"


In looking at reports, it always helps to take a deep breath and put on your analytical hat first, before blaming.


Thanks again,

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Re: Keeping track of hard inquiries

I have four (of five total) hard inqs that will be a year old by Nov 1st... can't wait.
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Re: Keeping track of hard inquiries

AFAIAC myFICO should report all the INQ's that there are on the CB. I consider this a product defect.
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