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Kicked First Premier to the curb...mostly.

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Kicked First Premier to the curb...mostly.

Ok, so I kicked one of my FP cards to the curb....AMF was billing in 9 days...along with the $20 auth user card I was really happy I was approved for my Chase Freedom 2k on recon (helped my new home loan is through them), Juni Travelocity 2.5k, and have increased my Cap1 CL to $1100.  I have one other FP that I will continue to pay the silly monthly fee for 2 more months...then call to close it (they try to retain business with small credits) let them credit $30-$50.  Ride the credit out until the AMF is about to bill again and close. The one I closed today I think they made a big mistake though...the AMF has not billed yet...but  the rep told me she was crediting the AMF,AU Fee and that I would have a nice credit on the account that they would mail me.  I never asked for it or pretended that it already billed and I wanted credits...
If they do credit the account that's on them.
I've bumped up quite a bit...I'll see what my homeloan posts on my credit reports but right now ficos are around 670 TU and 635 EQ and EX...(I have no idea what changed when my new CC just posted either.)  But it's nice having a few CC's with no extra fees...and in fact rewards...  Now I just got to send my last letter to EX and see if they get un-stupid and rethink their refusal to investigate.
Thanks everyone!
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Re: Kicked First Premier to the curb...mostly.

If the account is closed and you have a credit, FP will keep the credit amount until you send them a message asking them to send you a credit balance refund.  Smiley Wink
07/26/2007 TU-688
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