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Kohl's CLI!!

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Kohl's CLI!!

Ok, so it's a little thing. BUT I'M SO EXCITED.


Was disappointed the other day when Macy's told me it would be a hard pull on EX for CLI. (There's a thread on this board re soft vs hard pulls; it looked like Macy's should have been a soft, but I know everyone's MMV)


Had app'd for Kohl's back in Oct 2011 in the store and got a teeny $400 CL.


Took a chance today and called Kohl's.


NO credit pull at all - the CSR said he couldn't pull credit at all. Just needed to verify address and gross income.


CLI'd to $2K!!


Only have Macy's, Kohl's and a Slate. (And a boatload of baddies I'm working on getting off).


Thanks to this community; I never would have tried without the info and success stories I read about here.Smiley Happy


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Re: Kohl's CLI!!

The only problem with Kohl's is the quality of their products.  I have a 1k limit on my Kohl's card, but never shop there anymore.

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Re: Kohl's CLI!!

psychoinhell wrote:

The only problem with Kohl's is the quality of their products.  I have a 1k limit on my Kohl's card, but never shop there anymore.

Agreed, for the most part. But actually, they're not too bad for household items like sheets, towels, everyday dishes, and simple decorative things like candles,etc. They also have a great selection of major sports teams' apparel. It's nice to get those things at 30% off when they have the coupons.


For my re-building efforts, though, I'll take the higher CL - I hope it will help when I'm better positioned to app for major CCs down the road.

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Re: Kohl's CLI!!

I'm shocked!


I just called Kohls after having their card (under Chase to start) since Jan 2009 and asked about a CLI.  They asked the same, Annual GI, Verification and she assured me no HP.  Finally went from 300CL to 1000CL.  And while under Cap 1 no less!   Smiley Very Happy

This is the first time they've ever told me it would NOT be a HP.


I had logged in to see if the account had changed (I haven't used it since feb) and thought I'd better make sure it wasn't closed (I got a mailer last week though I think).  I had to re-register the account to some degree.


It's now official, my BoA Constrictor Gold "Mini500" (now 1-2-3) is now my lowest CL, even after 4.5 years with it.

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Re: Kohl's CLI!!

Just FYI, I have had a Kohl's card since 2009 with a $600 limit that has never had a CLI so I just saw this thread and decided to call to try it out on mine. They said they would ask gross income then would pull credit. I asked if it would be a soft or hard pull and was told very clearly it would be a hard pull, NOT a soft. Sounds like its hit or miss and may depend on who you talk to. My account is a "MVC" account and pretty much always has been, rarely carry a balance, $0 at time of call. I naturally declined the hard pull  Smiley Happy

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Re: Kohl's CLI!!

Have had a $500 CL since day 1 (been years, don't recall how many exactly). Finally called for a CLI the other day. $500 CLI to $1000 w/no hard pull. Better than a pointy stick in the eye, I suppose.
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Re: Kohl's CLI!!

I've had the card since October. Too early to ask for a CLI?
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Re: Kohl's CLI!!

cracksmeup wrote:
I've had the card since October. Too early to ask for a CLI?

Nope. Give them a call.

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Re: Kohl's CLI!!

I can confirm that so far, the CSR was correct about not checking credit for the CLI I mentioned above.  So far, no pull on any of my 3 CRs.


She did say they weren't allowed to pull a CR when I asked (which shocked me as well).  That the CLI was just kind of pre-approved for the request.


It has not reported the new CL to any of the CBs yet however, I expected it to on the usual statement date. It may be because I haven't used it.

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Re: Kohl's CLI!!

Congrats OP !!


I was debating whether I should get their card. I shop there frequently and I like their shirts. Prices are good too.


Then I was told the Gap card would be good since I could use it at Old Navy too. hmm

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