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Re: Kohl

MOCHA82: Did you apply online or at the store and was this recent? 

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Re: Kohl

I actually applied in the store, and it was about a month ago.
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Re: Kohl's

I thought I'd check my Experian report to check who's backing Kohls.  As of April it was still posting in my CR as Kohls\Chase. On my bill in the small grey print it now says Cap1 with no mention on the paper statement of Chase that I can find.  I may have gotten a notice in the mail or online that they were switching to Cap1 but I don't recall seeing it (it wouldn't have hit me as important). It was probably when they changed their minimum payment to 25 dollars regardless of the balance (I do remember seeing a notice about that as my minimum would have been 5 bucks I think lol.


I friend of mine applied in store about 2 weeks ago. He grosses around 65k (guarantee income, retired), claims a 632 fico from CU (not fako), has rather high util on a few small limit cards (he doesn't care about credit so much either as long as the bills are paid on time and he could pay them all off if need be), never a late, mortgage of around 800\month, car note\400 month. They gave him a 300 limit, he was happy to get a Kohls for the discounts, so he applied for a Macys and got that (he wanted one, I don't know why, don't think he shops there much, again, discounts), doesn't know the limit yet.  He doesn't know who either place pulled as he doesn't really check his report much.  Hope this info was helpful to anyone wondering.

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