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Kohls denial- what does this mean??

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Re: Kohls denial- what does this mean??

yeah...the wording is very odd....they can go fly.,

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Re: Kohls denial- what does this mean??

WhirledPeasPlease wrote:

And another thing -- why is EVERYTHING ALWAYS on sale at Kohls?  Why even have price tags?  Can't they just display the cost and then mark it up as arbitrarily as they reduce the retail price?
(End of rant, ty.)

LOL. My sentiments exactly. Every week, I get this full-color, muliple-page ad from Kohl's about the "HUGE/GIANT/FANTASTIC Sale" they are having "this" week.  "Everything 10-70% off!"  Woo-frickin'-hoo. EVERY week. And when you enter the store, your corneas are assailed by enormous red-and-white "sale" posters through the store. It's ludicrous! The prices are essentially the same from week to week.
Every now and then, hubby will spot one of the fliers I haven't tossed in the trash yet (without even viewing, mind you. Why bother?) and ask, "Should we head over there this weekend and check this out?" I always tell him, "No. It's not really a sale. It's all the same no matter when you go."
Still, I like Kohl's---their prices and products are good---but I could really live without the nonsensical psuedo-sales every week. It insults my intelligence.
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