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LA FED CU... Any Info/Experience?

Epic Contributor

LA FED CU... Any Info/Experience?

Hi... Was doing some research for a friend about the CU they just joined and thinking about looking for cars and who and how to get loan... well I landed at this LAFED and got looking at Credit Cards, etc.  They still have the classic/gold/plat. that use to be the standard for shwoing off you had good credit.. I think more should go back to that! anyway you can joint through a club and all that so I did and got updated this morning they pulled TU.  Im still unsure if that was to open thte account or for credit card!  (I realize that sounds stupid but when I went through it tried to do an instant thing and I got message saying we are processing and I thought I was just opening savings account then would apply next week for credit card but the processing and what not look like loan app not savings! Either way it's okay....


But the end result is are they good, do I have a chance with BK, etc.


oh and it's not even the CU my friend joined! LOL  (Maybe I should join that one too Smiley Tongue)



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