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Last try for getting CapitalOne Secured graduated/upgraded

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Re: Last try for getting CapitalOne Secured graduated/upgraded

your situation is exactly the same as mine. I made my final call yesterday and I were transfered from person A to B to C and D. All of them kept repeating the same things, similar to what they told you, and suggested me applying for a new card, just leave my secured card there till they see an offer to unsecure it, they will lemme know? WT*** My card is already nearly 3 years and they still dont see any offer to unsecure it ? My report was clean, 2y9month, and 0 balance. So what else do they need from me? IT"S MY $650 DEPOSIT. I told her that since we cant work it out, I then want to close my acct and get my deposit back. She seemed be careless to her customers and raised her voice stating the legalese stuff..blah..blah and my acct was officially closed yesterday 08/11/17. Fortunately, my oldest one is usbank secured one and just got it unsecured successfully on the 1st in a few minutes, my deposit arrived in less than a week. I have been it's pleased customer for years. Love USbank.

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