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Late Payment on Best Buy

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Late Payment on Best Buy

I did not pay my october statement due 10/19th, ended up paying it 11/10. Will it affect my fico?

Never had a late payment before.

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Re: Late Payment on Best Buy

Lates are not reported to your credit file until 30-days after the statement due date.

You are late after the statement due date, but this is not reported until being delinquent for at least 30-days.

So, no, it should not report the a CRA or have any FICO impact.

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Re: Late Payment on Best Buy

Some CCCs will not report you late until you are 60 days late.  I have a 6 year old 30 day late on my CR from Best Buy.  I do not remember how late it actually was.  I would call and speak with them so at least they could put a note in your file.  These days, if for some reason you are going to be late with a payment, I would call and let them know and if you forgetto make a payment, call as soon as you remember.  May not make a difference but I would trade a 30 day late for a RJ or CLD  any day of the year.
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