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Late payment: wasn't reported BUT.....

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Late payment: wasn't reported BUT.....

I've had two Citi cards for a while.  Carried a big balance 8k on an 11k limit card.


I missed two payments (stupid error on my part)  I added my second card to my online account, and that screwed up the spacing.  When I would log in, it would say no payment due.... Once I scrolled down to the bottom of the page, I saw my other card was LATE!


They called me, and I paid all the fees and brought the account current.  Few months later, when I checked my CR, no negatives were reported, still haven't been!


Bad news: they rate jacked me.  Up to 29.99%.  I didn't have a chance to transfer the balance until this month.


I guess in the long run, a few hundred dollars in interest is better than a mark on my credit history.


Is it common to not get reported, but jacked?

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Re: Late payment: wasn't reported BUT.....

Were you more than 30 days late?
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Re: Late payment: wasn't reported BUT.....

Generally if you do not go over 30 days late, it will not report, because the minimum late on CR is late 30.

However, sometimes you may get a GW or just get lucky. But, the rate jack proves they took notice (or the system did). Keep you nose clean with them for 6 months then request a rate reduction.

And yes, a couple hundred is better than 7 years of a derog late on CR.

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