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Left the garden as well, but for the NFL!

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Re: Left the garden as well, but for the NFL!

RyVision wrote:

mxp114 wrote:

Congrats and hope it is World, but I think they require $5k. Can you pm me the benefits of the Elite version? I've been thinking of getting the NYG card for the various offers.Is there a web site that lists all of the rewards? I saw a sampling on the app info site but curious about more NFL offers. Thanks.

I don't know if this was the same thing you say you saw or gives you more info, I hope this gives you more info on the Elite.  It's where the info for "World" took me somehow.

The card and info came in the mail today.  The card has the same image as the one I posted with "WORLD" above the MC logo and it came with the little brochure "Guide to Benefits World MasterCard".   Seems a bit like Discovers benefits really (so far, I haven't read much of it, just glanced over it, it's rather small print).


I hope the link about World Elite was helpful.

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