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Let Discover Card Age or apply for Cap one

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Re: Let Discover Card Age or apply for Cap one

Welcome, @Kasman. Smiley Happy


I'm counting three cards (Discover, Credit Union, and Capital One Platinum). What's your fourth card?


Note that adding accounts will likely cause scoring decreases in the short term. And scores in the 630s don't really put you in a good position for approvals. I'm glad you're waiting to apply. Just let things age and let your current cards begin to work for you.


If you can let your newest account reach a year in age, there should be a decent scoring bump. Granted, you'll lose those points as soon as you add another account, but the increase might be enough to position you for a Chase card.


Your inquiry situation is fine. As long as you're not applying willy nilly, your inquiries will remain in check, and you won't have to worry if an application causes more than one bureau to be pulled. I'm a fan of one card every six months. That should be enough to keep you from being declined on the basis of new accounts or inquiries.

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Re: Let Discover Card Age or apply for Cap one

Thank you Heaven! I appreciate the sound advice. For your question on 4th card it’s My oldest card.. Merrick with $1700 CL. Should be due to hit cli to 2k or a little more at end of year. I received another offer in mail today but ripped it up. Gonna hold still till these cards hit the year mark and see what happens. I believe I will get more from Discover by staying steady with these and no addl inquires than I could get with any other card at this time. Gonna sit tight and hope for a decent auto CLI with them within the next few months!
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Re: Let Discover Card Age or apply for Cap one

My personal experience would say that in the long run, I like Discover out of those options. While ymmv, QS1 can be difficult to product change for some. Citi can be a bit tight on CLI's. Discover, when you handle the card right seems to grow. But everyone's experience is definitely different, so mine holds no weight. Again, it's just my opinion.

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