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Letter came today from Citibank

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Re: Citi possible fraud ?

@dtk6802point of information ... many of us that have Citi Bank Credit Cards have been able to obtain Apr reductions over time. Unlike other lenders, Discover and Citi have been pretty good about reductions. In fact, some of us used to get reductions below the lowest posted Apr. Right now my Discover's Apr is lower than the posted rate and I even get Discover BTs at a rate and fee less than the market and most posts showing on MyFico! Smiley Happy

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Re: Citi possible fraud ?

I definitely like what I've read about Citi cards. Seems easy enough to grow w/o adding hp's.
If they are similar to discover that's great. Citi amex and Disco. Initially were goals of mine. I wasted hp's early on with Citi when I wasn't qualified.
Now...Since I just got two cards in May I just feel as I might be a pre selected denial. Honestly If they sent me a pre approval rather than pre selected and the sub is right I would apply today and try to PC whatever card to DC Next year after my 2nd Discover cards anniversary.(lose the 2%cb)..
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