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Likelihood of getting approved for a 10K personal loan?

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Likelihood of getting approved for a 10K personal loan?

So here's the deal...


Credit Scores: 689, 693, 701


Within the next few weeks, I'm going to pay off all my debts, thereby potentially increasing my score about 20 points, give or take. I'm really wanting to take out a personal loan for about 10K, just wondering what the likelihood of my getting approved for one would be? Or what the key factors for determining such are? Or what the interest rate on it would be? I don't really know what I need to do in the meantime to improve my chances, or where I should even apply for one, I was considering with Discover, but I have an incredibly high interest rate on that card, so I couldn't imagine what it'd be for a loan...

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Re: Likelihood of getting approved for a 10K personal loan?

I would suggest going through a credit union for a personal loan. The fees are lower and the customer service is better.


They will look at your income, and credit worthiness. The interest rate (with a credit union) should be somewhere around 10%.


You can work with the rep to decide how quickly you want to pay back. The longer you choose, the more interest you will pay, but the lower your payments will be.


A lot of the CU websites have handy payment calculators.


good luck!

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