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Line of credit

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Re: Line of credit

cdtotten wrote:

For a borrower with good credit scores, you should have no problem securing a LOC (secured) in the Prime +1 to Prime +2 range. Anything over 6% for a good borrower I would consider high in the current economy.


Both Fifth Third and my Credit Union (Alliant) are offering LOCs at prime +.5.

but i am not interested in a HELOC, if that is what you are referring to. i am interested in an unsecured LOC to cover my checking account. If they can offer a LOC with an interest rate of 13.99 or less, it would be beneficial to me, in case i needed to carry a larger balance, and provided i decided it was beneficial to carry the balance on the LOC.


i like knowing i have access to pure cash whenever i need it. i want to be able to cut someone a check, if i felt it was the right thing to do, if i am in a situation where i know when the need is there and knowing the end result will very likely benefit me.

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Re: Line of credit

if i am correct, with the unsecured LOC, i receive the benefit of free overdraft protection. so that is also something i would like to have.

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