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Longing for AMEX Green

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Re: Longing for AMEX Green

BlessedHappiness wrote:

Thanks you for the advice Smiley Happy  My thinking behind it is that because it's actually a charge card, it would improve my credit mix. Do you think it would help?


Thank you.

No, this is a common misunderstanding. It's not a charge card that helps your mix; it's a retail card. This means a card with only the logo of the store or gas company on it; no Visa/ MC/ Discover/ AmEx.

Store cards used to be called charge cards back when you were expected to pay them off every month. Now they're revolving. Anyway, for some reason they do help your mix. Classic AmEx charge cards (Green, Gold, etc.) do not --they're just another tradeline. A kinda crazy tradeline at that.
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Re: Longing for AMEX Green

Good to know.  I am glad I asked.  Thank you.
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