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Looking for a 2nd Card to Continue Rebuild

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Re: Looking for a 2nd Card to Continue Rebuild

@Dennis885 wrote:

Thanks, I decided to apply for an the Amex Blue Cash Everyday.   I use cards mostly for groceries and gas and if offered 3% and 2% back respectively without an annual fee.  The good news is I was approved!


However, I can't create an online account yet to view my initial credit limit.  I had the option to get the card info immediately online but (not thinking) selected to just wait until it was mailed to me.  Unfortunately you need the card number to create an online account so I'll have to wait a few days to login and view my limit.


On the bright side, I'm in the door with Amex!  Thanks for your guidance! 

Congrats on approval and welcome to AMEX!   


My path (back) into AMEX was a BCE approval for $1500.   It's now a CashMagnet with a $49K CL, so there's definitely room for growth.

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Re: Looking for a 2nd Card to Continue Rebuild

Thanks again for your help.  So I figured I would just have to wait for my card in the mail before I could see the limit but I received emails overnight that allowed me to create and view my account.


I was pleasently surprised to see an $8k initial limit!  I guess my recent history was enough to do it?  I also only got a notification from Experian of the credit pull, so maybe they only pulled Experian?  Seems unlikely to me but my Experian is about 15 points higher than TU or EQ.


That's insane that you have a $49k limit, how much monthly spending do you use the card for?  I'll probably only use it for ~$500/month I'd hate for them to reduce the limit down the line.


Thanks again!!



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Re: Looking for a 2nd Card to Continue Rebuild

As OP has been approved thread is closed to further comments, OP is free to make an approval thread if so desired.

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