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Looking for credit cards with high balance approvals

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Re: Looking for credit cards with high balance approvals

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
Im looking for a single lady with a high balance debit card but unfortunately im on a credit card forum so im stuck with myself and low balance credit cardsSmiley Sad

On the reelz, check out Disco or Amex. Credit Unions might start you out high if they like your income. Dang i need some sugga...mommaSmiley Wink

I just want a winning lotto ticket.


OP: if your credit is good enough, there's synchrony. If you don't get 10k, a quick call to credit solutions might fix that.

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Re: Looking for credit cards with high balance approvals

@Obscure-Expert wrote:

@M_Smart007 wrote:

@Obscure-Expert wrote:

Highest Initial CL or growth CL?


Amex is good for the long term and even the short term if you get approved for a 10K card and bump it to 30K in 61 days.


3X CLI in 61 days?, lots of Data Points on People NOT getting That Bump.

sure some get it at 61 days, but its not a Guarantee, I have read 4,663 or so  post's and see several 61 day declines.

and also, Amex does Not Start Everyone out at $10k,  sure some might get it, But I have seen More $1k Approvals than $10K


so saying $30k in 61 days could be just a little misleading. #JustSayin

What are you arguing about here? 


I didn't say they would get approved for 10K I said IF.  61 days is when the door opens to request one normally outside of the ones that ask when they activate the card and get approved for it.  


So, IF, they did get a approved for 10K and then did get approved for a 3X then that would be 30K right?  

@Obscure-Expertand @M_Smart007, y'all are two of my ficorite/favorite forum members!


@Obscure-Expert, I realize your advice, and the links you provide, are excellent, but sometimes they may be beyond the (looks for proper word and doesn't find it) reach of many rebuilders. I have learned a great deal from your posts. Most of that knowledge has been goal related, not all, but most. I would like to get where you are. You do provide a lot of immediate impact suggestions.


I cannot speak for @M_Smart007, but I imagine his comments were some what in that same vein and related to people like me.


Many of us are learning to "walk" again. You often tell us how to sprint. I want to sprint so I soak it all in, but I have to remind myself I am rebuilding, not chrning. Marathon running as opposed to sprinting. That's me, everybody isn't the same.


Y'all are both great in my book!

“If you don’t know, the thing to do is not to get scared, but to learn.” – Ayn Rand
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