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Looking to add a third card, need suggestions

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Looking to add a third card, need suggestions

I am looking to add a third credit card to my portfolio but don't know what to look at. Upfront this isn't a need, to want to broaden my credit portfolio.  I currently have a NFCU Cashrewards with a $9k limit and an Amex Blue Cash with a $1200 limit.  For store cards I have Amazon, Care Credit and Lowes all $0 balance.  Also a Navy CLOC as well.  Sub $100 balance where I missed the cut date on both Navy and Amazon but they are paid off monthly.  Authorized user on a Shell card with $0 balance.  For the credit worthiness, score in the low 700s depending on the algorithm.  BK discharged in May of 2015 which burned Discover, Barklays, Capitol One, DCU and Chase (possibly others, it's been a while.  Amex was included in BK at $0 but somehow they didn't close it.)  Care Credit, Amazon and Lowes all opened in August of 2018. What kind of card do I need? None really.  Travel wise we cruise but get 10% off using cruise line gift cards.  Between NFCU and Amex most cash back areas are covered pretty well.  Given lack of need in any area mentioned low APR with a decent credit line would fill a hole.  I know the BK is a non-starter in a lot of places. Thoughts?

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Re: Looking to add a third card, need suggestions

NFCU has already approved you for multiple credit lines, the NFCU VISA Platinum is a low-interest credit card, and you apparently have good FICO scores. I don't like putting all my eggs in one basket and normally would not suggest that someone else do so, but if you really want a low-interest credit card, I'm guessing you could probably get the NFCU VISA Platinum card.

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