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Love is in Air .... Discover and BOA unconditional Love ..

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Love is in Air .... Discover and BOA unconditional Love ..

Hi All,


Sorry for long post, however so happy to share with you All ...


My Current profile:


No of Credit card accounts : 30 [ out of which 26 accounts I have opened in last 8 months and thanks to All the banks who shed trust On me]


FICO Scores :

EX = 715

TU = 723

EQ = 698 


Credit inquires On file :


EX = 21

TU= 15

EQ = 12


What happened today : 


1. I got a call from BOA asking for a Product change from My BOA Amex card to BOA Rewards visa card. When I asked them why they have called me, they said in last May I have submitted an application which was declined by BOA. I took opportunity and asked credit analyst, that I want to make BOA cards as prime cards Blah blah .And instead of PC can they give me new credit line ? Way back in May this year I was in swing of app Speers and with number of credit inquired My BOA rewards cards request was declined. 

Credit analyst was so helpful, she offered me an option to submit application. I had credit freeze On All My credit bureau Now to avoid any new additional inquires with My madness. I took a chance and removed credit freeze On My EX and submitted application. She was patiently waiting for My application to come over the call. Took me 15 minutes to submit application. She then asked me few questions On My income and My recent card loan which is $23k with Honda.


After few minutes she said congratulation your application is approved with a credit limit of $3k. I am going to get 0% Apr for 12 months and other benefits. I have Never expected this in My dreams that I will get a call from BOA and they will give me a credit card with those number of inquires and new accounts in past few months. 


What a Love from BOA .. My CL On My BOA Amex has been increased from $2.5 K to $6.5 K and a new credit line All together ... I Love BOA 


I am totally shocked ... On top of it What happened next 


2. Two days back I requested CLI On My discover card over a chat, Credit analyst tried to submit My request via SP On My credit file. Which was a flat declined. I was bit disappointed. Later I got an email today saying My Credit line has been increased from 1K to 2K. I had this card from last 6 months. What a Love from discover. 


Now I am back in garden till march 2014. Later I wish to add CSP and CITI CC which are missing in My credit cards profile .. 


Never loose hopes ... All these financial companies are monitoring you and your spend will always get What you deserve and more ... 


Good luck to you All and happy weekend ... Now time to change My signature ... Love you all 




USBank Cash+(14K)/Penfed Rewards Visa Sigg (25K)/ Penfed Promise card (5K)/ Penfed Amex Travel Rewards card(20K)/AMEX ZYNC (NPSL)/AMEX Startwood(9K)/AMEX COSTCO(5K)/AMEX EVERY DAY (10K)/AMEX HILTON HONOURS (8K)/CHASE FREEDOM(4K)/Chase Salte(12K)/AMEX Fidelity Investments(7.5K)/BOA Better Balance Rewards(5K)/BoA Travel Signature Card (10K)/BoA rewards cards (15K)/AMEX MACYS(6K)/Barclaycard Rewards(3K)/Salie Mea (5K)/DISCOVER IT(7K)/ DCU VISA Platinum Card(7.5K)/PAYPAL MASTER CARD(8K)/GAP(4.5K)/US Bank Flex Rewards (6K)/ Best Buy (4k)/Gymbore Visa card(6K)/ TARGET(600)/CHILDREN PLACE(900)/WALMART DISCOVER(8K)/TOY R US MASTER CARD(8K)/JCP(4K)/KOHLS(400)– Total 31 Cards
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Re: Love is in Air .... Discover and BOA unconditional Love ..

Congrats!  And yah, BofA has always been good to me too.  Never have any problem with them.

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Re: Love is in Air .... Discover and BOA unconditional Love ..

Congrats!!!! Weird.
Boa always denies me. Ive not applied though since Ive been in the 700+ club! Lol
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